Company “LEK STAR” is one of the leading producers of vegetable oil in Ukraine. All the time, tending to increase capacities and improve production, the company has built new oil extraction plant in Stavchany village, Lviv region.

The enterprise started to process rapeseed and soybean.
Oil extraction plant is already equipped with modern equipment of the world leading producers, which is notable for energy-saving and minimizes harmful influence on environment. At the same time, high rates of productivity and quality of products are preserved.

With consumer markets for vegetable oil in every part of the world and a global network of farmers and producers, we can supply a wide range of vegetable cooking oil products in whatever specification and quantity is required, managing every stage of the supply chain on your behalf. We can also work with you to identify suppliers that meet your quality and environmental sustainability standards.


Sunflower Oil
Corn Oil
Canola Oil
Crude Coconut Oil
Crude Palm Oil
Hydrogenated Coconut Oil
Refine Palm Oil
Crude Palm Kernel Oil
Rapeseed Oil
Refined Bleached And Deodorized Coconut Oil
Refined Palm Kernel Olein
Used Cooking Oil
Olive Oil
Vegetable Oil
Soya Bean Oil
Cotton Seed Oil
Sesame Oil
Peanut Oil

The LEK-STAR plant is engaged in
production of sunflower oil in Ukraine.
Our LEK-STAR plant specializes in the production of high quality refined and unrefined sunflower oil under the trademarks “Leki”, “Olia”
We completely manufacture
products themselves, from label creation, bottle blowing, to production and oil bottling. 
The main activities of “LEK – STAR” are production, processing, packaging of cereals and sunflower oil, wholesale of groceries, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Products manufactured and supplied by our company comply with all standards and requirements of GOST and DSTU.
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